Roots of tatting

The book THE ART OF TATTING by Lady Katarin Hoare is dedicated her majesty the queen of Rumania, who herself wrote the preface. Among other things she wrote: "I often felt pity for men. First they never knew motherhood. Second they miss our greatest pleasure: the needlework. Our needlework is much better than their smoking, and it's not bumptious." (Today men do needlework too, even tatting.) Later again: "Many tears and many a deep sighare hidden in womens work, and it has suppressed many words, that would have caused irreparable damage, if pronounced."
The first written sources telling of tatting goes back to the 18th century. The earliest known work of tatting was made around 1630.

When you see tatted laces from the 19th century, two things leap to the eye. First they are built on rings. Second the picots are not knotted, but stitched together, a knot was tied and the thread cut off - as you can tell by the many ends of the thread. The popularity of tatted laces grew distinctively, as the technique of rings and picots were developed after 1850.
As the techniques were developed and refined, the tools changed. The big, clumsy shuttle (some shuttles had even a secret hide for snuff, although it wasn't regarded as suitable for women) was during the 19th century replaced by a smaller, adjusted to then thinner thread. The shuttles were no longer made of jewel-palliated precious metals, wax, meissner-pocelain or amber, but turtle, bone, ivory or horn. Today you get shuttles made of plastic, bone, horn og wood.

How I began tatting myself

I began myself tatting more og less by chance.

From my mother in law I inherited a shuttle, but I did not know how to use it. I had it in a drawer for years, until an elderly woman learned me the first steps of tatting. I was exited and wanted to learn more. I read all the books of tatting from the local library ... and learned a lot more. Danish Tatting Association (DTA) has published some very good books and as a member of DTA you also recieve a magazine with ideas, techniques etc.

Now I am trying to realize mine own ideas. You can see some samples of my work on this website.